Introducing new 2’x4’ panel, Obtaining CE for Louver type panel

XLEDs is pleased to introduce our new 2’x4’ panel. This new panel is 55W which can be a
replacement for fixture with 4 conventional fluorescent lamps at max. It will be UL marked in the end of June, color temperatures we can currently supply are 3000K, 4000K, and 5700K. We also obtained CE for modern designed FX louver type panel. Please click the image below for more information, you will also be able to see different size’s UL, CE marked panels.

   FX-0606 (CE,UL)     FX-1203 (CE,UL)      FX-1206 (UL in June)        FX-0595L (CE)          FX-1200L (CE)