This is the Lighting Business Department of DAEJIN DMP.

    The Lighting Business Department of DAEJIN DMP has obtained UL Certification in the LED lighting sectors for the first time in Korea and held multiple patents such as CE, ETL, and FCC in connection with the LED lighting system. The department has been leading the domestic LED lighting industry in terms of technology and product competitiveness based on such certification and patents.

    The Lighting Business Department has been operating its affiliated research institute consisting of competent developers with extensive experiences and know-how related to LED lighting development and realizing export to at least 30 countries worldwide as a pioneer of the LED lighting industry as well as domestic sales.The department has accumulated extensive experience and knowhow such as sales, installation, maintenance, etc. of LED lighting from the quickening period of it, and has been making all-out efforts in cultivating it as the next-generation growth engine to lead the LED lighting industry.

    Moreover, the department has various lineups of products in addition to lighting stands, security lights, and street lamps, which can make access to LED easy, and contributes significantly to the expansion of LED lighting supply and customers’ affinity with the LED product.

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