This is the corporate profile of DAEJIN DMP.

2012.11           Moved the producing line of printer business to China

2012.10           Awarded the prime minister prize at the Int’l Photonics Exhibition

2012.10           Awarded the grand design prize at the Int’l Photonics Exhibition (Security light SL-L1)

2012.06           Appointed as promising company of future leader(LED Lighting)

2011.02           Completion of extending a building of Cheon-An factory (Seongeu-eup, Cheon Heung ri, Cheonan si)

2010.03           of Seoul office building (Nonhyeon-dong, kangnamgu,Seoul)

2009.02           Establishing of office in Japan

2009.02           purchase of building (Nonhyeon-dong, kangnamgu,Seoul)

2008.02            Starting of XLEDS LED Stand

2007.10           Registration of Patent LED lighting control device and control methology

2007.09           Registration of XLEDS USA trademark

2007.05           Registration of Patent of color temperature controlled light emitting device

2007.04           Change of president(Chun-Doo Park and Chang-sik Park -> Sole representative, Chang-sik Park)

2007.03           Awarded stone pagoda merit(President Roh Moo-Hyun)

2007.02           Acquisition of XLEDS CE & UL

2000.07           Nominated as a family firm by IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea)

1999.02           Factory movment to expanded place (Cheonheung-ri, seonggeo-eup,Cheonan-si)

1998.04           Development of Supply roller for Laser printer

1998.03           Development of Korea first foam-type pressure roller for Laser Printer

1997.10           Acquisition of ISO9002 Certificate (Certi. No: K-QA-Q97218)

1997.06           Changing of CEO name (Park Cheon Doo → Park Cheon Doo,Park Chang Sik)

1996.11           Development of Sus blade Ass’y for Laser printer

1996.04           Development of Doctor blade Ass’y for Laser printer

1994.09           Development of Cleaning blade Ass’y for Laser printer

1993.06           Development of Tape guide shaft for VTR

1991.05           Development of Oil Damping Cushion CD for Car

1990.12           Development of Turn Table for Laser disk player (Supply to Samsung Electronics)

1987.06           Company name change to DAEJIN PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. (Capital KRW 560,000,000)

1985.07           Development of VCR Pinch Roller

1983.07           Factory Movement to an expanded place (177, Jakjeon-dong, Buk-gu, Incheon)

1981.02          Delivery to Samsung electronics

1980.03           Localization of rubber belt for electronics products

1973.10           Localization Development of ‘fin’ for accumulated watt meter

1970.03           Foundation of DAEJIN INDUSTRIES (Gocheok-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul)

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